Specialist Workshops

Here at CHAOS Farm we offer a range of specialist workshops and experience days, all designed to bring healthcare, education and nature together. From animal therapy sessions lead by our experienced and fully qualified professionals to fun and exciting adventure days, exploring the woods whilst learning new skills – there’s something for everyone!

Farm Placement Days (Animal Interaction) 

CHAOS Farm placements unlock the potential of outdoor learning, connecting with nature and influencing lives and lifestyles choices. It’s a place where people with all sorts of challenges can understand a little more about the farming life and how our food gets from plough to plate; get up close with the animals and learn a little more about themselves. We are not simply a green space or an alternative education venue, everything takes place on a working farm and we are quietly getting on, doing what we are good at – empowering others in a co-produced way. This is underpinned by an in-house training/competency programme, which supports people to gain confidence and sector based skills. This can be a pathway in to an internship or apprenticeship.


Equine Assisted Learning 

Equine therapy puts people and horses together in an environment designed to promote emotional growth and learning. We work with individuals or groups to help them discover more about themselves and develop new ways of thinking. The therapy team guides the individual or group along their journey, encouraging them to reflect on their experiences and what it means to them. Equine therapy is known to help with a variety of mental health issues such as addiction and low self-esteem. Sessions take place with are experienced and fully qualified team at CHAOS Farm and Please note: no horse riding is involved.


Forestry School (Bush Craft)

A typical session of our Bush Craft Forestry School includes a wide range of problem solving tasks, all developed to promote learning, interaction and well-being. This gives a strong sense of personal achievement and increased confidence while learning personal, social and technical skills for life. The programme offers all opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and improve self-esteem through hands on learning in a natural environment. The benefits gained by those involved closely link closely to the 5 stages of well-being identified and promoted as key public health messages. These 5 stages of well-being are widely recognised by mental health professionals and charities and are being adopted more and more within young people’s mental health.


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